Newsholidays in your new home

You’ve made it through the chaos of moving and now as the holiday season approaches, you get the joy of celebrating the season in your new home. While the last few weeks or even months might feel like a blur as you decided where to place decorations and how to arrange furniture to create a cozy space, now is the time to soak in the beauty and comfort your new home offers.

Settling in for your first holiday in a new home is something extra special. You’ll likely remember this year, which will mix old and new traditions in a new space. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or another winter holiday, here are some ways to relax and enjoy the season in a new home.

Host a Holiday Party

A great way to meet your new neighbors is to host a holiday open house. This time of year also has many great icebreakers as you can just discuss holiday plans, traditions and memories.

You don’t have to make an open house super fancy or prep too much either. Instead, open your home as a gathering space, invite neighbors to bring a covered dish, get to know one another and celebrate.

Don’t fret too much if you still have boxes stowed away in a corner or if your décor isn’t in season. Focus on people and get used to your new surroundings.

Engage in Local Holiday Activities

Life in a new area during the holiday season offers plenty of opportunities to get out and get to know your new town. Review your list of local activities for ideas on how to celebrate the season.

You can do an internet search or you can visit your town’s website where they’ll pull together events from various locations to help you find fun things to do. 

Mail Holiday Cards

Whether you traditionally mail holiday cards or not, this year offers a unique opportunity to help friends and relatives learn your new address. When sending your holiday cards, you can add a photo of your family outside your new home or cozy around the fireplace. Either way, just be sure to include a note about your new address so that loved ones know where to find you.

And while there are certainly plenty of digital ways to share the news, everyone enjoys receiving holiday cards this time of year and it will make your message and photo extra memorable.

Allow Time to Relax

Moving is stressful. While the result is enjoyable because you’re in the new home of your dreams, the process is not something anyone enjoys. 

Now that you’ve made it to the other side of moving where you’re mostly settled, it’s time to relax. The holiday season is well-known for its hustle and bustle. But it’s also a good time of year to relax and many people take off work to use vacation time before it expires at year-end.

Use the time off to relax and reward yourself for the effort you’ve put into the last few months between house shopping, moving and decorating. Treat yourself to a spa treatment, set aside one night per week where you and your family relax after dinner and read around the fireplace, or start a new hobby with a painting class.

Find a way to unwind, release stress and enjoy your new home. That will look different for everyone but put thought into the best way for you to relax.

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Your Holiday Decorations

Life in a new home involves plenty of home décor decisions without mixing in holiday decorations. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get your holiday decorations perfect in this first year in your home.

Sure, you want to have fun with it and bring some holiday cheer to your new home. And maybe while touring homes you imagined where the Christmas tree would be or where you’d place the Menorah. Perhaps you saw the vision for how your home would light up the neighborhood with a stunning light display. 

And while these traditions are mainstays during this time of year, just remember that you don’t have to get it perfect the first year. That’s part of the fun of owning a home is allowing it to evolve and grow with you over the years.

Pause and Remember the Special Moments

Throughout the holiday season, pause and make mental notes of just how special this first year in your new home is. You’ll want to remember this first holiday here. While it might take you a few years to figure out the décor and new traditions in your home, this first holiday season here will always be special.

Don’t get too wrapped up in the hustle and bustle and forget to make mental pictures of your family gathering and celebrating. Enjoy the new space and soak in the magic of the season. Ignore the boxes and remaining questions about where to put things and how to arrange your home. That can all wait until the magic of the holiday season ends. 

Still Looking for Your Perfect Home for the Holidays?

Maybe you’re still on the search for your dream home and can’t wait for that first holiday season with the space and features to celebrate the way you’ve always dreamed. If so, Susan Gregory can help you find that home in middle Tennessee. Contact Susan Gregory at 615-207-5600 or email her now.