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Buying and selling a new construction home is unique, and generally leaves room for buyers to put their finishing touches on the home. Builders need a realtor who knows how to highlight a house before it becomes a home and buyers need help envisioning the work-in-progress and how life will look living there.

Working with a new construction expert as your realtor will provide many benefits. These experts generally have in-depth knowledge about local real estate rates to price the home fairly, despite limited or non-existent comparison points from similar real estate in developing neighborhoods.

What Is a Builder’s Agent?

Buyers considering a new construction home should know a little about the nuances of purchasing these types of homes. In these transactions, the builder is considered the seller, but generally, the builder is still represented by a relator, also known as the builder’s agent. 

These agents specialize in new construction and help the builders complete the day-to-day tasks associated with selling a property. The builder will not coordinate showings or negotiate the final price for the property. All those tasks fall to the realtor.

But builders should be choosy when it comes to selecting a real estate agent because most realtors have little experience with new construction homes.

Nuances New Construction Experts Understand

Finding a good expert for new construction home sales is important because having a better agent will ensure you sell the home promptly to continue investing those funds into other projects. Some nuances new construction experts understand include:

  • Accurate market pricing
  • Drafting attractive and engaging home descriptions even while the project is still in progress
  • Unique requests home buyers might request, such as upgrades or perks
  • Overseeing a new build home inspection
  • Negotiating with home buyers
  • Answering buyer questions related to new construction processes and what to expect
  • Building effective timelines and communicating expectations for when a homeowner can take possession and move in

New Construction Expert Realtor in Middle Tennessee

New home builds have exceeded forecasted rates, with 1.382M completed in December 2022 compared to the forecasted 1.359M. With an increasing number of new homes hitting the market, finding a good realtor is more important than ever. 

Susan Gregory is a new construction realtor with 27 years of experience. She has represented many home builders, including:


  • Arnold Homes
  • Aspen Construction
  • Artisan Homes
  • Barlow Builders
  • Cornerstone Construction
  • Firethorne Custom Homes
  • Gregg & Rains Building Group
  • Grove Park Construction
  • Heritage Homes
  • Hidden Valley Homes
  • Idlewild Construction
  • Legend Homes
  • Majors Construction
  • Majestic Building Group
  • Newmark Homes
  • PHNX Builders
  • RK Junior
  • Ridgemont Homes
  • The Jones Company
  • Trace Construction
  • Turnberry Homes
  • Watermark Homes
  • Zaring Homes
  • Zurich Homes


Susan isn’t just known for being a great new construction realtor, she’s also well known for her results in pairing home buyers with the perfect new build to create satisfied buyers and sellers and ensure new construction homes don’t sit on the market long.

She’s no stranger to expensive home sales either. She regularly sells multi-million-dollar homes through in-depth expertise and personable experiences for buyers and sellers. The industry has recognized her expertise and named her a top-grossing agent by sales volume for middle Tennessee.

As a Nashville native, she knows Tennessee neighborhoods and areas in depth in a way only locals do. This gives her a huge advantage for new construction homes in up-and-coming areas or new neighborhoods with little foundation for home pricing.

You can review Susan’s current homes for sale and contact her at 615-207-5600 or [email protected] to learn more about new construction agent representation.