Home DecoratingNewsClassy and Chic Decorating Tips for Halloween with Susan Gregory

Everyone loves a good Halloween decoration but the wrong one or too many can make your home look tacky. With over 25 years in real estate, Susan Gregory knows a thing or two about maximizing tasteful holiday decor. Follow these tips from Susan to keep your home looking luxurious and chic.


Colorful Accents


Make your home pop from the street and entice trick-or-treaters by switching out your year-round accents to a Halloween color palette. 


Swap your neutral throw pillows for some purple and black ones and your fuzzy, white blanket for one that is burnt orange. It’s a great way to subtly show off your Halloween spirit!




Lanterns are a great form of Halloween decor and you can make them as simple or as spooky as you would like. You can opt for a simple, sleek black lantern or get one with a pattern around the sides to add a little bit more flare. A simple lantern can be left up and turned into holiday decor year-round. 


If you want to go with a more vibrant, Halloween-specific decoration, try paper lanterns! You can purchase different colors to hang up and they’re super easy to take down when October is over.


Painted Pumpkins


A great way to make your home stand you while keeping things classy is to paint your pumpkins. You can opt for a typical Halloween color to make the pumpkins stand out or you can make them match the interior and exterior of your home. It’s a classic Halloween decoration with a fancy twist!


Spooky Decor


There are so many little things you can change within your home. Swap out that centerpiece candle for a funky black one. Wreaths may be typically thought of as Christmas decorations but get a black branch wreath and it’s perfect for Halloween.


Your decorations are going to vary greatly depending on your decorating style. While specific decorations may be classier, matching your decorations to the style of your home is the best way to keep your home looking chic. If your home is more modern, modernize your decoration. If your home is more traditional, keep your decorations on the more traditional side.


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