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The kitchen is an important part of your home experience. It’s also a hub for almost every activity. From entertaining to cooking and getting the family together, it’s important to keep the space approachable and put together. But for those looking to elevate their kitchen experience, lighting is a great way to create a new space for all to enjoy. 


Let’s dive in on lighting trends and the different ways you can use lighting to liven up your kitchen. 

Lights In Lanterns

Depending on where you’re at, you might be seeing a resurgence in industrial design aesthetics and with it, lighting is getting a fresh new look. Lanterns are on-trend and encasing your incandescent light bulbs in them is a great look for any kitchen. 


The lanterns are typically hung over kitchen islands and provide a nice focal point for kitchen activities. The types of bulbs you use in lantern lights also provide individuality and a creative space to freshen up your kitchen. 

Retro Lighting

The same resurgence in industrial loft-like design can be seen in mid-century modern design. Retro lighting goes hand-in-hand with this experience and is on the upswing for 2022. Surface mount lighting is in, and simple designs are trendy. The idea is to keep the design subtle and straightforward to avoid distracting from other design elements in your kitchen, but the retro lighting adds a personal touch to your kitchen experience.  

Fewer Angles, More Curves

Kitchens already have natural angles built into countertops, refrigerators, and cabinetry. Using curved lighting is a great way to break up the angles and add character to your kitchen. Soft curves and sculptural elements are on the uptick and add much-needed variety to otherwise angular kitchens.


For more effect, consider adding in texture. A lampshade has the potential to break up any angles further. 


Combine Types Of Lighting

Planning kitchen lighting is just as important as the installation. With different types of lighting, you can emphasize specific parts of the room or provide practical lighting for utility purposes. LED lights are ideal for the bright light needed to cook and prepare food. Lanterns and incandescent bulbs are great for adding ambiance and warmth to your island or areas where your family gathers for fun. 


Combining multiple types of lighting is great design sense as you plan for the practicality of your space while enjoying the aesthetic parts of it too. 

Clear Glass Shade

A natural extension of the over-island lantern. Clear glass shades provide rustic looks and an industrial-esque sentiment. By pairing the clear glass with an incandescent bulb, you’ll get a more dramatic look out of your light and provide a vintage feel. 


Clear glass has a way of changing the look of light in the room as well. With less diffusion, the light appears focused and true to color providing a warmer feel to your kitchen space. 


There are a variety of glass shades to choose from, and the hand-blown ones are offered with exquisite craftsmanship and unique one-of-a-kind looks.


With these tips on light trends, you’re sure to delight family and visitors alike. Your kitchen is a space to gather and enjoy time around great food, drinks, and activities. Elevating your space will only add to your experience and make great memories that much better.