Home DecoratingNewsShould I Decorate For Fall if I am Selling My Home? Susan Gregory gives tips on selling your home.

The weather’s cooling down and your holiday decorations are out. Suddenly, you need to move and it’s time to put your home on the market. Should you take down your decorations or leave them up?


Expert realtor Susan Gregory is here to remind you what to keep in mind and help you weigh the pros and cons.


Keep it cozy


As the weather cools down, you spend more and more time indoors. It’s important to emphasize the warmth and coziness of your home for any potential buyers touring the home. Add in fluffy blankets or a couple of extra accent pillows. Make your home a place potential buyers want to spend their holidays in. 


Consider the smell


Bring the fall atmosphere into your home through smell. You can do something simple like lighting a few candles or you can create more natural scents. Heat up some apple cider on the stove or bake cookies before your home has a showing. Bonus points if you leave them out for buyers to snack on while they look around.


Show off your space


It’s always important to show off the best aspects of your home and you can use your Fall decorations to do this. Surround your fireplace with tasteful decor or wrap faux foliage around a staircase banister. This will help subtly draw the eye and highlight each feature. Make sure to keep decorations away from the windows so that you can maximize the amount of natural light coming into your home.


Don’t go overboard


While it’s ok to decorate your home, make sure you keep things fairly simple. Decor that moves or plays music can draw attention to themselves and take away from aspects of your actual home. While minimal fall decorations add to the home if you’re selling in the season, it’s important that they can imagine what the space will look like year round with their own decorations. Too much decor and it becomes hard to picture the home without it.


Still not sure if your decorations are right for putting your home on the market? Your realtor is here to help. Reach out to Susan Greogry today for any tips and help listing your home.