GeneralCurrent Housing Market

The Middle Tennessee housing market is on fire right now with houses selling fast and oftentimes for more than asking price. In fact, homebuyers are outpacing available houses for sale across the country. This housing shortage means we are living in a seller’s market. But that doesn’t mean you should try to navigate the current housing market alone. Working with a top realtor like Susan Gregory will help you not only get top dollar but make sure all the other aspects of selling a home are taken into consideration.

Top Tips to Sell Your House

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are selling your home. Look at your home through a buyer’s eyes. Yes, you love the house and have lots of fond memories. But a buyer isn’t looking for your memories or your connection to the home…they’re looking to make their own. So examine your house critically and don’t take any of it personally.

  • Deep Clean. Before you list your house, do a deep clean. More than running a vacuum, consider the ceiling fans you keep meaning to dust or the baseboards that have gathered cobwebs. If needed, call in a pro. Having your home cleaned before listing it will make it easier to maintain for showings. Plus, it will look great in photos.
  • Have Photos Taken. Professional photos taken either by an experienced realtor or home photographer will put your property in the best light. With most buyers looking online at houses first, the photos should be well lit and accurately represent the home.
  • Clean the Outside. Curb appeal is critical. It doesn’t matter how great the inside is if the outside doesn’t entice buyers to come inside. Neatly trimmed trees and grass, toys put away, and fresh flowers in pots could be all it takes to invite them in.
  • Be Flexible. Yes, you are still living in the house. But having flexibility with showings will make a big difference. Turning away showings because they don’t fit into your schedule could mean potential buyers won’t reschedule to accommodate you.
  • Stay Tidy. Keeping the freshly deep-cleaned house tidy and staying on top of the cleaning means you’re able to say “yes” to more showings, even last-minute requests, because you’re not scrambling to clean up.

Selling Your House

Having an exceptional realtor with great experience can benefit sellers in the price and speed of closing. Being able to compare your house to other homes on the market or recently sold homes means setting the price in that sweet spot. You don’t want to price it so high that no one looks. And sellers typically don’t want to have to reduce the initial listing price. Get buyers in the door and perhaps you’ll even generate a bidding war by pricing the house appropriately!

When you’re ready for more guidance on selling your house from one of the top realtors in the state of Tennessee, reach out to Susan Gregory at 615-207-5600.