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Even in a booming seller’s market like we have in Middle Tennessee, there are a few things sellers can and should consider doing when listing their home for sale. Today, we have top realtor Susan Gregory sharing some of these top tricks and tips for listing your home.

First Impressions Make or Break Sales

Everyone has heard the phrase, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” Nowhere is that more true than in real estate. If the exterior of your house looks junky, unkept or poorly lit, you may not get the potential buyers through the doors. 

Keep the front yard neat and tidy, toys put away, yard mowed or raked, front porch welcoming, house, sidewalk and driveway clean and seasonally-appropriate plants or décor always at the ready. After all, you may not know when a potential buyer will drive by before they try to schedule a showing.

Update Without Breaking the Bank

Keeping your house from looking dated doesn’t have to break the bank. Replace old, worn or stained carpet. Refresh the look with new coats of paint. Replace things like handles, fixtures, or worn out blinds and curtains to show your house in the best light possible.

Lighting Matters

Speaking of showing your house in the best light, no one likes to walk into a dimly lit home. For many, dim also feels dingy and dated. Up the wattage in your lightbulbs. Bring in extra lighting. Change heavy curtains for sheers and wash the windows. Set your home to feel proud, bright and beautiful.

Storage Sells

Want to make your house feel like it has plenty of storage? (Yes, you do.) Take excess clothing out of your closet and store it. Everyone wants to feel like their master closet is huge. The same is true for storage throughout the house – especially in the kitchen. Declutter your cabinets, pantry and countertops. The more space you can show, the larger your storage capacity feels.

Know What Needs Fixing

Go into the listing with your eyes wide open by considering a pre-inspection. If you have no surprises after the offer, you’re more likely to have the sale go through. Consider addressing issues that come up during the pre-inspection, especially potential big-ticket items like roofs or HVACs. Yes, you don’t want to put money into a house you want to sell. But a new buyer doesn’t want to pour more money into a large purchase.

If you don’t want to replace or repair things, you are better positioned to price the house appropriately or provide a seller’s disclosure that makes the potential buyer feel well informed.

Get even more great tips and tricks when listing your home when you work with an exceptional licensed realtor like Susan Gregory. Susan is consistently a top agent in the state and knows how to position your listed home to move it quickly and for a great price. Call 615-207-5600 for your home buying and selling needs.