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As Nashville grows by leaps and bounds, lots of new homes are being built. 


If you’re considering a move to or within the Nashville area, you may be wondering if a new construction home is a good choice.


As with all things, purchasing a newly built house has its pros and cons. 


With her vast knowledge and experience in the Nashville real estate market, licensed realtor Susan Gregory wants to provide some insight:


Positives of New Construction


It’s New! – Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of a new home for many people is the simple fact that it is fresh and new and clean. The carpets are in pristine condition, with no worry about lingering pet hair (and smells!). The floors are free of scratches and stains. Best of all, as far as we’re concerned, is that the bathtub has never been used – there’s just something about knowing you’re the first person to soak in its watery depths.


Choice of Options – When buying a new construction home, it’s often possible to put a contract on a place that is not yet completed. This enables the homebuyer to make decisions on some of the finishes, appliances, and other options. Depending on the stage of completion, you may be able to choose things like paint colors, flooring, and fixtures. If you purchase earlier in the process, you might even be able to request minor modifications to the floorplan, such as enlarging a pantry or converting a half bath to a full bath.


21st Century Technology – Newly built homes today are required to have certain energy efficient features and designs. Things like thermal windows, improved insulation, and energy efficient appliances and HVAC systems are standard in new construction homes. You can also count on a new house binge fully wired for wi-fi, cable television, security systems, and more.


Low Maintenance Costs – Another benefit with purchasing a new home is knowing that maintenance costs will be low for several years. You can expect that things like the HVAC, water heater, and appliances will not require replacing for some time. If you buy early enough in the building process to choose finishes, flooring or paint will not be a concern either.


Drawbacks of New Construction


Higher Cost – The first thing many home buyers fear when debating new construction homes versus pre-loved homes is the cost. New homes tend to have higher price tags than existing homes. But, when you consider that an older home is likely to require more immediate maintenance and, possibly, a complete remodel of some rooms or areas, you may discover that buying a slightly higher priced new home saves money over the long term.


Lack of Negotiating Power – Along with the higher price tag, purchasing a new home from a builder or developer may limit your negotiating power. Developers and builders generally have a fixed base price on new homes. However, you may find that accepting the set price of the home allows you to negotiate addons and features.


Off Gassing – If you have family members with allergies, breathing problems, or sensitivities to smells, a possible concern with newly built homes is off gassing. Building products, paint, flooring, and other items in new homes naturally need time to release odors. With the advent of low-VOC paints and building products, this is a smaller concern now than it was just a decade ago. However, if you find that some smells are lingering, check ventilation and airflow to be sure the odors can dissipate.


Few Neighbors or Trees – Some new home buyers may be a bit disappointed in the early months to realize there are few neighbors in a new community during early phases of development. This can leave some families feeling a bit isolated and lonely. They also may miss the mature trees and landscaping of an older community. The good news is that neighbors will be arriving soon, landscaping will be added, and trees just need time to grow. Soon homeowners will find themselves in a vibrant neighborhood full of lush, green lawns and trees and lots of new friends.


Deciding between a new or pre-loved home can be a difficult decision. Try making your own list of pros and cons, taking into account what’s important to you and your family.


If you want help in comparing homes in the Nashville area, contact Susan Gregory, an experienced, licensed realtor in Nashville. Susan knows all the best existing neighborhoods and new communities where you can find your dream home. Call Susan today at (615) 300-5111.


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