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You’ve decided to list your home for sale. Congratulations on this huge first step! But what comes next? Whether this is your first time selling a home or you’ve been through the process before, it can still be overwhelming to prepare your home for sale. 

To help you organize your to-do list, expert Nashville area real estate agent Susan Gregory has compiled this helpful guide of all the steps to list your home for sale:

Step 1: Partner with an exceptional realtor!

Preparing your home for sale goes more smoothly when you partner with an experienced real estate agent like Susan Gregory with PARKS of Cool Springs. This relationship is essential to ensuring that your home is not only fully prepared to list but that the listing reaches the correct demographic of potential buyers on the market.

Step 2: “Spring Clean” and Organize

Once you’ve secured a real estate agent who can guide you through selling your home, you want to begin prepping your home for sale. The next step is to depersonalize and declutter! A potential buyer will be looking for a home they can visualize living in with their family.

Neutral, tidy rooms are more appealing during showings and make your home appear spacious. This part of the process can be time-consuming, particularly if you have a large family and have lived in your home for many years. Make sure you give yourself ample time to “spring clean” your house and stash more personal belongings.

Step 3: Make Time for Repairs

If you make necessary repairs in advance, you’ll get the best result during closing. Be aware of any major repairs, such as water damage, roof condition, or structural issues that might come up during a home inspection. Many mortgage companies require home inspections to commit to financing, and waiting on repairs can affect that process.

For minor repairs like painting or carpentry work, a small investment up front can save you time and money later. It can be stressful trying to get a handyman or contractor out to your home to fix items found by the buyer, and the rushed timeline may end up costing you extra. 

Plan ahead with repairs for the optimal outcome. If you’re unsure what repairs should be done immediately and which can wait, discuss them with your realtor. A real estate agent like Susan Gregory will help you decide what needs to be done to get your home on the market as soon as possible.

Step 4: Deep Clean

Even if you maintain a clean home daily, there are always areas that need a little extra TLC. Deep cleaning makes a huge difference in the listing photography and the initial impression when potential buyers view your home.

A cleaning service can give your home a top-to-bottom shine by scrubbing baseboards, windows, and cabinet tops so it is as fresh as possible for photography. Maintain this clean while your home is on the market so that showings display a pristine interior.

Step 5: Consider Staging

Particularly in the luxury market, a well-designed interior can greatly affect how a potential buyer feels about a home. The National Association of Realtors found that 81% of buyers’ agents said that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize themselves living in the house, and 20% of buyers’ agents said that staging increased the amount offered by 1% to 5% compared to similar homes that were not staged. 

A top real estate agent like Susan Gregory will have vendor relationships that make it easier for you to get the services you need, including staging services.

Step 6: Freshen Up the Exterior

The first impression matters! Improve your curb appeal by freshening up your exterior. While you don’t need to install new landscaping, you should make sure that plants are trimmed, grass is mowed, and landscaping beds are updated with new mulch. 

In addition to yard maintenance, make sure that any concrete pathways are cleaned, hardscaping looks tidied, and windows are shiny. Pressure washing and small exterior upgrades can make a huge difference in providing a welcoming first impression to potential buyers. 

Typically, the first photo on a listing showcases the exterior, so updating your curb appeal improves your home’s online presence. Freshen up the exterior to ensure the best initial impression!

Step 7: Book Your Photography! 

The importance of photography cannot be overstated. We live in a digital world, and most potential buyers will initially connect with your listing online. All your updates and tidying prepare your home for the photos to be taken, but make sure you work with a skilled professional photographer for the right foot forward online. 

A realtor like Susan Gregory knows how essential this step is in selling a home. Susan will connect you with a top photographer to ensure you get all the best shots of your home, inside and out!

Step 8: Trust the Process 

You’ve selected the best guide on your journey and done so much work to prepare. Now, let your real estate agent go to work and seek out a buyer for your home! 

Feel Confident When You Sell Your Home with Susan Gregory

As a top real estate agent in the Nashville area, Susan Gregory with PARKS of Cool Springs will make sure your listing hits the market at the correct time and use strategic marketing to put your home in front of desirable potential buyers. With a network like PARKS behind her and extensive experience guiding buyers and sellers, Susan Gregory is an exceptional partner for selling your home. 

Contact Susan Gregory today to feel confident when selling your home!